Solution: BTAS Unicoms

Company Sites: 5

End Users: 500-1000


As a medical defense and insurance organisation, the majority of Avant's business is conducted over the phone. To better serve its customers, Avant wanted a nationwide contact centre that would be distributed among different states and cities.

Risk was also a concern for Avant’s aging telecommunications system. With clients regularly calling to apply for insurance and filling claims, any call centre inefficiencies or downtime would be costly and damaging to the company’s reputation.


With BTAS Unicoms, Avant’s automatic telephone switching system was upgraded and centralised to support the company’s five sites. This allowed Avant to also consolidate its call centre environment into a single location, even as calls are distributed among the various sites.

In addition to centralising the telecommunications system, Avant’s telecommunication system was moved into a datacentre with the right level of redundancy for peace of mind. In the unlikely case of a site going down, there is always a back-up available and ready to be retrieved from the datacentre.


By moving to modern, multi-channel contact centre, Avant was able to provide customers with the high level of service and support they expect. Comprehensive analytics, such as call volumes, peaks and troughs, also helped the contact centre to redesign call flows and make operators more efficient with the aid of monitoring and reporting.

Moving the communications system from ISDN (Integrated Services for Digital Network), an older communication standard that requires separate voice and data services, to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), an application layer protocol that can be used for both voice and data, allowed Avant to cut costs on their phone calls.


About Avant

As Australia’s leading medical defence organisation, Avant offers medical professionals more expertise, more claims experience, and now, an extended range of insurance products spanning medical indemnity, cover for medical practices, health, income, life and total permanent disablement. It offers expert medicolegal advice and assistance to over 60,000 health practitioners and students.