Company Sites: 3

End Users: 1000-5000


Transport infrastructure provider, Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), undertook an investigation around refreshing its communications infrastructure. When BTAS Snapshot looked at the capabilities of the infrastructure, it was found that a communications server from a major telco did not meet all of their requirements.

ARTC knew it needed a new solution that was as robust as possible, as failures with the system would have the potential to put train travelers and customer cargo at risk.


Due to BTAS Snapshot's findings, deployment of the large telco’s communications server was adjusted and Mitel's multimedia communications server from BTAS was added to the roll-out. Instead of doing a complete replace of the communications server from the major telco, BTAS' approach leveraged ARTC's existing investment in the infrastructure and added new functionality in the process.

In addition to spotting the issue with the initial solution, BTAS Snapshot identified other risks and provided ARTC with a roadmap for its telecommunications setup. This roadmap provides ARTC with insight into how to add future capability, while at the same time ensuring it integrates with its current train control system.


ARTC continues to rely on Mitel’s multimedia communications server for day-to-day operation, particularly its integration with the mission critical train control system. As BTAS continues to expand the functionality of the Mitel multimedia communications server, ARTC hopes to make use of unified communications to further empower its workforce.


About ARTC

ARTC manages and maintains a 8,500km rail network across five states. The rail operator also manages the seamless, safe transit of hundreds of freight and passenger trains across its network every day.