Company Sites: 8

End Users: 10,000+


Alstom and Areva T&D, a power transportation and distribution subsidiary, were initially separate BTAS customers. Then Alstom acquired Areva T&D (now Alstom Grid) and needed to merge the telecommunications setup between the two companies with minimal impact on their combined business.


BTAS first carried out the information gathering about the two companies' networking and communications environments. Once the fact finding completed, the decision was made to merge the two sets of infrastructure into a unified Alcatel Lucent setup.

In preparation for the changeover, BTAS liaised with both companies to find a suitable break in their business schedule, in this case after work hours. This meant the changeover have no affect on business productivity, and employees were able to receive training and use the new infrastructure the next day.


The unified communications and network infrastructure of both companies was consolidated and appropriately sized for the combined business. This streamlined approach led to cost savings and improved collaboration between employees of Alstom and Areva T&D.


About Alstom

As one of the world’s leading rail transport suppliers, Alstom offers a complete range of innovative products and services in over 60 countries. They are well known for the record breaking TGV high speed train, the tilting Pendolino trains, its modern Citadis trams, hi-tech Metropolis metro trains, and world leading signalling technologies.