CASE STUDY:   AGILITY - Business Expansion

Real-world example of a multi-location, multi-brand professional services organisation that needs flexibility to expand and contract services in line with business cycles

The business makes an acquisition which adds 3 new office sites and 75 new people to the organisation; communications are integrated and people from existing and new organisations are collaborating within 30 days.

Needs Analysis: Communications Environment brief

  1. Introduce agile capacity management to spin-up new offices quickly, and wind-down groups when projects are completed
  2. Enhanced secure workgroup collaboration – be able to move large, high quality files around the organisation and share with clients without risk of loss or theft of IP.
  3. Leverage existing investments in infrastructure, hardware and licenses
  4. Create central services model to manage budgets and expenses as well as deployment to offices and entities



'Acme Services' (not the real company name)  is a large participant in the media/digital/marketing sector with approximately 850 employees and contractors spread across 5 states in over 10 offices.

Acme Services is looking to leverage their existing investments in communications equipment, at the same time improving the user experience by providing latest-technology tools and capabilities to the workforce.  Paramount concern is the safeguarding of sensitive and confidential client information and the firm’s own intellectual property.

Further consideration is the organisational structure which is made up of a number of discrete legal entities, all of which share a central services model and need accurate costings for budget management.

Most importantly, the nature of Acme Services business involves frequent acquisitions, cyclical and project based expansion and contraction which changes the number, composition and location of the workforce.


Thumbnail of Client Situation

The principle business is professional services to medium and large enterprises, which entails approximately:

  • 60% admin/office based people;
  • 40% mobile workforce – on client premises, on the road, travelling internationally, interstate or regionally
  • 9 people Helpdesk / Contact centre
  • 26 meeting rooms / conference rooms / 3 ‘ board’ rooms
  • 4 Digital production studios – creating videos, presentations, multimedia, high-quality images
  • Heavy use of collaboration technologies including file sharing, project management, workgroup file editing and modification, video conferencing, screen sharing of client-confidential information

Overview of Solution

Core in the cloud: Placing the back-end, multi-tenanted, multi-instance servers in the cloud – located at secure data-centres reduces the maintenance, update and upgrade cycle strain on the organisation

Cloud-delivered communications functions: centralised provisioning, with dashboard-style operators desk means that IT can switch users, features, and services on and off as required; paying only for services/features that are used.

Secure collaboration: private cloud services, mobility management services, and enterprise-grade VPN-based collaboration tools protect the organisation’s IP and commercial confidentiality

Re-use existing deskphones and handsets: leverage existing investments in technology

 SIP Trunk inter-office connection: Hub-and-spoke WAN topology to connect satellite offices to centralised core.  Connecting a new office and integrating all users in that office onto the organisation’s network done in days, not weeks or months

Softphones and universal contact number for mobile workers: New users able to connect and use enterprise-wide tools immediately and securely using existing smart devices BYOD or company owned.


Time to Implement

For Acme Services, the implementation time from agreement to turning the system on - 'cut-over' - was 30 days, including time at the start of the process to define needs, user groups, user profiles and end-user training requirements.

A further two weeks after cut-over was set aside for group training, some 'walk-around' training sessions, support and feedback.

Implementation cycle: 30 days from start of process to 'on'

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